Standardize reporting and communication processes for partnering agencies when developing a regional travel management center.

Regional travel management and coordination center implementation experiences of the Lower Savannah Aging, Disability & Transportation Resource Center in South Carolina.

Date Posted

Lower Savannah Aging, Disability &Transportation Resource Center: Regional Travel Management and Coordination Center (TMCC) Model and Demonstration Project, Final Report

Summary Information

This report details the deployed technology and the implementation experiences of the Lower Savannah Aging, Disability & Transportation Resource Center in Aiken, South Carolina, which served as the regional Travel Management and Coordination Center (TMCC), created with assistance from a Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA) grant award. The Lower Savannah Council of Governments (LSCOG) leveraged the MSAA award with grants from several other sources to procure and deploy several technologies to learn if they could enhance human services transportation and its coordination among the five transportation providers that served as partners in the regional TMCC demonstration project.

Standardize reporting and communication activities between partnering agencies. Understand that it may be difficult to convince partners to make changes to comply with standardization if they do not perceive benefits.

Value standardization above site-specific business practices or unique "work-arounds" that some agencies use in their operations. Addressing this created quite a challenge during the deployment of certain technologies in this TMCC project. The projects built on the existing ITS infrastructure of the of the original v3.0 RouteMatch software, and many agencies utilized custom reports or had specific work-arounds to accomplish their individual reporting objectives. Ultimately, the implementation of the newer version of RouteMatch meant these custom reports and work-arounds had to be discarded. In this case, the newer version of the software was considered enough of an improvement that it was possible to convince partners to give up the old version.