In the United Kingdom a survey of Travel Information Service Users found that 50 percent of drivers changed plans, and 87 percent saved time and reduced stress based on the information.

Managing Demand Through Travel Information Services

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This report highlighted several applications of ITS traveler information services used to manage demand during periods of congestion, including congestion during commute periods, special events, and emergencies. The authors defined advanced traveler information systems as technologies that assemble and process travel-related data and disseminate useful information to travelers.

In-vehicle traveler information is more prominent in Europe than in the United States. Thousands of vehicles in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe have access to a Radio Data System-Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC) and TrafficMaster services. A survey of RDS-TMC users found that 50 percent of drivers changed plans, 87 percent saved time and reduced stress, and only 3 percent were able to obtain the same information from another source. Drivers preferred having access to journey times, seeing the entire network, and getting personalized information.
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