Dey, Kakan; Md Tanvir Ashraf; Anthony Carrola; and Xianming Shi
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Provision of real-time transit information can lead to benefits for travelers, such as lower wait times at transit stops. In order to better quantify the impacts, researchers developed a smartphone-based multimodal application that disseminated real-time information to transit riders including bus location, bus speed, estimated arrival time, distance to the transit stop, weather, and road condition information. The app was used to study trips made by travelers on Mountain Line Transit Authority Route 38 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Field data was collected on trips made by ten participants to estimate the effectiveness of trips made with the multimodal app in terms of travel time reduction, increases in overall transit service area (geographic area where users can comfortably access transit), and capacity as measured by an origin-destination based supply index for transit.

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Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education (CAMMSE) University Transportation Center
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Multimodal Connected Vehicle Pilot for Winter Travel
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