Abdel-Aty, Mohamed; Yina Wu; and Ling Wang
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Connected Vehicle (CV) crash warning systems have the potential to improve vehicle safety by alerting drivers of imminent situations so they can take timely crash-avoidance actions. Researchers used a driving simulator to evaluate the effectiveness of a head-up display (HUD) and audio warning system on drivers’ crash-avoidance performance. The simulator scenario focused on a situation when a lead vehicle makes an emergency stop under adverse weather conditions, specifically fog conditions with reduced visibility. Furthermore, an integrated variable speed limit (VSL) and CV control strategy was developed and tested in a microsimulation environment to assess potential reductions in rear-end crash risk at freeway bottlenecks, also under fog conditions.

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Prepared by the University of Central Florida for SaferSIM
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The Impact of Connected Vehicle Market Penetration and Connectivity Levels on Traffic Safety in Connected Vehicles Transition Period
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