Ramon, Marisa C.; and Austin T. Dodson
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A 2017 Roadway Surface Transportation Cybersecurity Framework of research conducted cooperatively by United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) with Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), identified gaps for vulnerability and exploits in information sharing amongst transportation stakeholders. These gaps included limit communication and delay sharing of cybersecurity threat intelligence related to roadway transportation systems. FHWA sought to reduce the identified gaps by establishing processes to promote information sharing, and developing a framework for communication and information sharing with transportation roadway stakeholders. This study examined the existing gaps discovered during the 2017 USDOT FHWA project, and presented a description of problems, challenges, and opportunities as identified by the stakeholders, and needed actions to promote a culture of transportation system cyber resilience and improved information sharing. The study developed proposed improvements by combining the information gained from the findings regarding the current information exchange landscape and the minimum requirements to provide a solution. The proposed improvements included transportation-centric cybersecurity terminology to aid in establishing their consistent usage and a cybersecurity incident communication process to improve the reach and speed of information dissemination during a cybersecurity incident event.

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Performed by Southwest Research Institute and Cambridge Systematics for the USDOT Federal Highway Administration
Transportation Cybersecurity Incident Response and Management Framework
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