Sacramento Regional Transit District Implements a Roadway Worker Protection System for a Total System Cost of $861,592.

A Detailed Cost Breakdown of the Roadway Worker Protection System, Including Labor and Technology Cost.

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Summary Information

Through partnership with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) conducted a demonstration test of a secondary warning device for roadway workers in 2018. The commercially available secondary warning system consists of a roadway worker protection (RWP) system mounted in a rail vehicle and a personal alert device (PAD) worn by a roadway workers. This secondary RWP system design provides a visual and audible advance warning alert to train operators of workers ahead and a visual and audible advance warning to alert wayside track workers of approaching trains. A second phase of the project implemented the Employee in Charge Software System (EICSS) that uses smartphone technology to validate and authorize roadway worker access to specific sections of track. 

The following summarizes the cost measures for the system:



Unit Cost

195 TMUs at $4,100 each ($799,500) and 60 PADs at $2,450 each ($147,000) plus unit testing stations

Labor cost

$1,533 per vehicle to install equipment 

Configuration costs

$5,500 for review of installation requirements and completion of configuration drawings

Maintenance costs

$15 replacement of rechargeable batteries on PAD units every 3–5 years

Total System Cost


System Cost


System Cost Subsystem