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The Weather-Responsive Management Strategies (WRMS) initiative of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Every Day Counts - Round 5 (EDC-5) program promotes the use of road weather data from mobile and connected vehicle (CV) technologies to support traffic and maintenance management strategies during inclement weather. WRMS can mitigate the impact of flooding events through preparation and prediction efforts that leverage and build data, tools, and relationships. This case study highlights experiences and lessons learned from the Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska DOTs while managing major flood events in the Missouri River Basin, which typically experiences some annual flooding in the spring and had significant flood events in 2011 and 2019 that caused major prolonged impacts and road closures.

Supporting resources to enable WRMS include:

  • River Gauge Data – National Weather Service (NWS) river gauge and hydrograph data
  • Hydrologic Modeling – Models to forecast and analyze the stages and velocities of water flows
  • LiDAR (light detection and ranging) Mapping – Accurate elevation map to enable modeling of water pooling over large areas
  • Data Repositories – Collection of related databases such as road survey and bridge data to incorporate into modeling and analysis of weather event impacts
  • Barrier systems – A variety of sandbag and barrier systems are available from vendors to protect identified areas
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USDOT Federal Highway Administration
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Weather-Responsive Management Strategies (WRMS) for Flood Management in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska
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