Kaisar, Evangelos I. et al.
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Dynamics of trucks and transit vehicles on a signalized corridor can lead to suboptimal results due to factors such as low acceleration/deceleration rates, long vehicle lengths, and higher emissions. One solution to help improve operations is selective provision of priority treatments at traffic signals, known as Freight Signal Priority (FSP) for trucks and Transit Signal Priority (TSP) for transit vehicles. These strategies use sensors or communications technologies to detect certain vehicles approaching an intersection or along a corridor, and enable adjustments to the signal timing based on defined factors and conditions. For example, by extending the green interval to allow an approaching truck to pass the intersection, delay and other impacts due to deceleration and acceleration may be reduced.

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Produced by Freight Mobility Research Institute for Florida DOT
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Evaluation of Freight and Transit Signal Priority Strategies in Multi-Modal Corridor for Improving Transit Service Reliability and Efficiency
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