Mary Cummings, Lixiao Huang, Michael Clamann, and Songpo Li
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Pedestrian safety is an increasing concern in cities around the world as pedestrian deaths have consistently risen over the past decade. One possible contributing factor to this rise in pedestrian deaths is an increase in distracted pedestrian behavior, specifically using smart phones and other mobile devices while walking.

Smart phone-based pedestrian alert systems may be one solution to distracted pedestrian behavior. These systems use some combination of smartphone cameras, smartphone sensors, and connected vehicle technology to produce pedestrian alerts. In theory, these systems could monitor the roadways for pedestrians and alert them to the presence of vehicles of other hazards particularly before or during street crossing. 

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Prepared by the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory for the USDOT Federal Highway Administration, Report No. CSCRS-R7
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Development and Evaluation of Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) Safety Interventions
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