Porru, S., et al.
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Networked telematics applying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies may be used to improve the quality of public transportation services in both rural and urban areas. A team of Italian researchers sought to examine how the development of sustainable public transportation in rural areas may be used to promote a sustainable overall mobility ecosystem. While urban areas are more likely to adopt IoT technologies and opportunities, the benefit of such solutions is not as widely explored in rural areas given that such public transportation systems are generally less likely to adopt novel technologies. 

The authors identified two key research questions: first, whether certain smart mobility opportunities might disproportionately benefit rural areas over urban areas; second, how the complexity of smart mobility challenges varies in rural and urban contexts. They selected ten relevant smart-mobility projects to analyze in depth. In doing so, they developed a list of benefits and challenges associated with smart mobility initiatives.

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Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition)
Smart mobility and public transport: Opportunities and challenges in rural and urban areas
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