Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed; Axel Krings; and Michael Dixon
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Researchers at the University of Idaho in collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Transportation Operations, developed a prototype of a secure, dependable, real-time weather-responsive traffic signal system. The final report dated December 2011 provides details of the prototype that executes two tasks:

  1. Accesses weather information that provides near real-time atmospheric and pavement surface condition observations.
  2. Adapts signal timing in response to inclement weather.

The proposed system architecture employs two revolutionary software design approaches:

  1. Design for Survivability.
  2. Software performance measurement at the task level.

Minimal hardware is required for full implementation of the system as it operates and achieves its potential using current traffic controller and cabinet standards and technologies. As a result, it is compatible with future applications within the FHWA's connected-vehicle framework. The weather-responsive traffic signal system presented in this report serves as a major milestone in the development of secure and dependable real-time traffic control system applications.

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Report No. FHWA-JPO-12-016
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U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration
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Integrating Clarus data in traffic signal System Operation: A Survivable real-time weather-responsive system
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