Wunderlich, Karl and James Larkin
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This conference paper presented a series of traffic simulations and modeling experiments to support the FHWA Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI) in Seattle, Washington. The study evaluated the potential benefits of integrating arterial-based congestion data with freeway-based advanced traveler information systems (ATIS).

The project was designed using the Mitretek Systems Process for Regional Understanding and Evaluation of Integrated ITS Networks (PRUEVIN). Baseline data was derived from sensors and loop detectors deployed on two major freeways near interstate I-5 (ITS Backbone). The ITS backbone was designed to link traffic data to the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) advanced traveler management system (ATMS) in Shoreline.

The INTEGRATION 1.5 traffic simulation model was used to simulate baseline conditions, freeway-only ATIS traffic conditions, and freeway-and-arterial ATIS traffic conditions.

Baseline (No ATIS): The "Baseline" deployment strategy included pre-trip traveler information in the form of television reports, roadway variable message signs, and highway advisory radio. These information resources have been available to travelers in Seattle for many years.

Freeway Only ATIS: This deployment strategy included pre-trip and en-route traveler information in the form of visual displays on major freeways. This type of deployment strategy was designed to enable travelers to gauge travel times more accurately.

Freeway and Arterial ATIS: This deployment strategy included real-time (refreshed every 15 minutes), pre-trip, and en-route traveler information in the form of visual displays on major freeways and arterial routes. This strategy enabled travelers to gauge travel time and have updated intersection delay information.

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Paper presented at the 7th World Congress Conference on ITS. Turin, Italy
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Impacts of Supplementing Web-Based Urban Freeway ATIS With Parallel Arterial Travel-Time Data
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