Balke, Kevin, and Deepak Gopalakrishna
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The objective of this project was to implement and evaluate a weather responsive traffic signal timing system on Riverdale Road between I-84 and US-89 in Ogden, Utah. The system used road weather information and traffic performance data collected at signalized intersections to enable TMC operators to implement revised signal timing plans and respond to changing traffic demand and travel speeds during severe winter weather events.

Traffic sensors were installed to provide advanced detection upstream of stop bars on Riverdale Road. A weather monitoring station was used to collect information on road temperature, road surface, precipitation, soil temperature, visibility, solar radiation, wind speed, and air temperature.

Controller-based high-resolution detector data were used to automatically generate performance metrics that TMC operators could use to assess the effectiveness of different traffic signal timing strategies and need to change signal timing plans for future events. A software tool (Purdue Coordination Diagram) was used to visualize and optimize signal performance. Intersection approach volume data and link speed data were used by TMC operators to determine when to activate and deactivate signal timing plans, and fine-tune timing parameters.

A Traffic Estimation and Prediction System (TrEPS) tool was used to forecast future traffic conditions and serve as a decision support tool for UDOT operators.

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