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The Utah Department of Transportation's (UDOT) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), known as CommuterLink, was primarily been deployed in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area (Salt Lake County with some coverage on I-15 in Davis and Utah Counties). Utah received a FY 2003 ITS Earmark to expand the CommuterLink system outside of the Salt Lake Valley by integrating the Cities of Orem and Provo, Davis County, and the UDOT Regional Headquarters. With the exception of Davis County, each of these entities now operates its own Traffic Control Centers but would like to operate as a linked system that shares information and coordinates traffic management across boundaries.

According to UDOT statistics posted on the CommuterLink Website, CommuterLink has already helped increase peak-hour freeway speeds by 20 percent and reduce freeway delays, traffic signal stops, and intersection delays by 36, 15, and 27 percent, respectively. Projected savings to travelers in Utah are estimated at more than $100 million each year (1). The computer-controlled system is designed to monitor and manage traffic flow on freeways and surface streets using closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras; dynamic message signs (DMS); the 511 Travel Information Line; and coordinated traffic signals, ramp meters, and sensors for traffic speed and volume, pavement, and weather.

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ITS Joint Program Office, RITA, U.S. Department of Transportation
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National Evaluation Program FY 2003 Earmark Evaluation: Utah CommuterLink Expansion Case Study Evaluation
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