Capital costs to implement ITS fare collection systems for bus rapid transit (BRT) ranged from $2 million to $6 million.

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This report describes the physical components, operational functions, and performance characteristics of bus rapid transit (BRT) services implemented in the United States and abroad over the last several years. As an update to the 2004 version of the CBRT report, this release provides additional information and data on the benefits and costs of incremental upgrades used to improve existing bus services and support project planning and alternatives analysis.

BRT fare collection systems are one of the most common ITS applications. These systems can be stand alone or part of an integrated system. For example, on-board systems (such as farebox or smart card readers) can communicate independently or use "smart bus" communication systems to interface with AVL/GPS systems and automatic passenger counting (APC) systems to record the location of individual transactions, track bus load data, and provide detailed boarding profiles on BRT routes.

The capital costs to implement BRT ITS fare collection in Las Vegas (MAX Service) and Los Angeles (Orange Line Service) ranged from $2 million (2004) to $6 million (2005), respectively, accounting for less than 10 percent of the total capital costs for each BRT route.

Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making (CBRT) 2009 Update

Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making (CBRT) 2009 Update
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Diaz, Roderick B. and Dennis Hinebaugh (National Bus Rapid Transit Institute)
U.S. DOT Federal Transit Administration

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BRT ITS Fare Collection System: $2 million (Las Vegas) to $6 million (Los Angeles).

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