Carol A. Zimmerman (Battelle), Mala Raman (Battelle), William J. Mallett (Battelle), and Craig Roberts (PBS&J)
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As part of operating the transportation system, transportation agencies collect a wealth of data on travel conditions that are of use to other government agencies and private firms interested in providing information to travelers. To understand how the public and private sectors deal with data ownership and data sharing, the U.S. Department of Transportation commissioned a study that included a literature review and a survey of transportation agencies and private companies involved in providing traveler information services. The literature review brought together domestic and foreign experiences with data sharing from inside and outside the transportation sector. The survey consisted of 41 telephone interviews: 34 with public sector agencies and seven with private firms.

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ITS Joint Program Office, USDOT
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Sharing Data for Traveler Information: Practices and Policies of Public Agencies
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