An automated enforcement system in Charlotte, North Carolina reduced red light violations by 75 percent and decreased associated crashes by 9 percent.
Experience in Charlotte North Carolina with automated enforcement systems.
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Branding is the Name of the Game in Enforcement

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Red light running has caused approximately 7,000 accidents, five fatalities, and 3,000 injuries over two years in Charlotte, North Carolina, therefore, the Charlotte DOT decided to implement a photo enforcement system. As of August 2000, the system dubbed "SafeLight Charlotte" has been operational for two years. Initially, the system was set up, operated, and maintained by a private contractor at no cost to the city. In return, the contractor received a significant portion of the issued fines.


  • In the first year of operations red light running accidents at intersections equipped with cameras decreased by nine percent. Overall, violations decreased 75 percent. Charlotte believed the success of the system was bolstered by an extensive marking program that promoted the name of the system.

Charlotte is now considering an automated system to enforce speed limits in school zones.

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