The total start-up cost for a bike share system was estimated at $320,000 in Baton Rouge.

The City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana estimated the total cost to create a bike share system in the city in an implementation plan.

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Baton Rouge
United States

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In 2016 the City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana began an effort create a bike share system in the city. Their Bike Share Business and Implementation Plan includes detailed start-up costs for a mid-sized bike sharing systems. The city estimated these costs as follows:

Capital costs

  • Office Technology/Equipment/Supplies/Postage: $35,000
  • Administrative and Personnel: $161,000
  • Marketing/Outreach/Media Expenses: $7,500
  • Conference/Travel/Memberships/Training: $1,500
  • Escrow/Professional Services: $20,000
  • Tools/Shop Setup: $10,000
  • Insurance: $15,000
  • Vehicle Expenses - Purchase/Wrap/Gas $55,000
  • Facility Expenses - Warehouse and Office: $9,000
  • Wireless Data Provider: $6,000.
System Cost

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