Harper, C.D., Hendrickson, C.T., and Samaras, C.
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This paper evaluates the benefits and costs of fleet-wide deployment of blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning crash avoidance systems within the US light-duty vehicle fleet.


Two estimates are made to provide insight on current trends and technology potential. First, an upper bound of relevant U.S. crashes that could potentially be avoided or made less severe by the three technologies is estimated, assuming 100 percent technology effectiveness. Next, a lower bound in U.S. crash reduction is estimated using current changes in observed insurance collision claim frequency and severity (average loss payment per claim) in vehicles with these technologies. After these estimates are made, an annualized cost to equip each vehicle with the technologies enables a cost benefit analysis for the lower bound and upper bound estimates of net benefits in the U.S.

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Cost and benefit estimates of partially-automated vehicle collision avoidance technologies
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