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This document describes several lessons learned from TransCore's experience as the maintenance contractor for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Six ITS system over a period of three years. FDOT and TransCore learned that ITS maintenance consumes more time and resources than originally expected and budgeted, mainly because there is little experience to use as a baseline. ITS involves technologies that are constantly changing and that include in-the-field components which are often subject to extreme environmental conditions, making maintenance unique and challenging. Main lessons included the need to implement inventory controls and a work-order system to track maintenance calls, parts use, and labor needed for maintenance in order to better assess and plan for costs; the need to design for easier maintenance access when possible, and to select equipment with warranties and a stable manufacturer or, if possible, a non-proprietary solution; the importance of careful planning for the route of fiber-optic cables and proper marking to avoid disruption during later road work; and, finally, the importance of proper preventative maintenance.
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Lessons Learned on Maintenance of ITS Deployments
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