The cost to deploy a new traffic management system in Espanola, New Mexico was $862,279.
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New Mexico
United States

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In 2008, the evaluation was completed for the new traffic management system in the City of Espanola, New Mexico, implemented in June 2006. The system consists of eight signalized intersections on NM 68 and video detection equipment, a fiber optic communication system, a wireless communication system, traffic management system hardware and software, and system integration. The traffic management system connects to a traffic operations center located at the New Mexico Department of Transportation general office in Santa Fe. The system has expansion capabilities of at least 30 additional intersections.

The cost to deploy the systems was $862,279. The cost includes:

  • Eight new traffic signal controllers and cabinets
  • Three signalized intersections integrated with fiber optic cable
  • Five signalized intersections integrated through a wireless communication system
  • Video detection at each intersection
  • Connection and integration to an existing traffic operations center.

NM 68, Riverside Drive City of Espanola, New Mexico ITS Project Final Evaluation Report

NM 68, Riverside Drive City of Espanola, New Mexico ITS Project Final Evaluation Report
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Remkes, C., Montoya, M., Magno, C.

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System Cost

System Cost: $862,279.