An industry analysis found the cost of Forward Collision Warning Systems for large trucks ranged from $1,415 to $1,843 per vehicle.

U.S. motor carrier experience with forward collision warning systems

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Summary Information

The goal of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is to reduce the number and severity of commercial motor vehicle crashes. Over the last several years, the FMCSA has collaborated with the trucking industry to test, evaluate, and encourage the deployment of several onboard safety systems.

The technology evaluated in this source report represents a typical forward collision warning system (FCWS) available on the commercial market designed to provide audible and/or visual warnings to drivers when another vehicle or object is detected within a predefined headway having an unsafe closing rate as determined by on-board computers and a forward-looking Doppler radar system.

As part of a benefit-cost assessment, the FMCSA estimated the overall cost to purchase, install, maintain, and train drivers to use a FCWS. Cost estimates considered purchases with and without financing as well as Federal tax savings due to the potential depreciation of FCWS equipment. Overall, the estimated cost for a large truck ranged from $1,415 to $1,843.

System Cost

Forward collision warning system: $1,415 to $1,843 per vehicle.

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