In Hattiesburg, MS, the cost to install a Traffic Management Center and 2.4 miles of fiber optic cable was $608,252.60

TMC Construction in Hattiesburg, MS

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Summary Information

The construction of Phase 1 of the Hattiesburg ITS Project was completed on May 23, 2005. Phase 1 consisted of the installation of computer hardware and software at the Hattiesburg Traffic Management Center (TMC) and fiber optic cable installed underground in conduit over a 2.4 mile stretch of Hardy Street from downtown Hattiesburg to Highway 49. The fiber optic cable installation included pullboxes and fiber drops at 6 existing traffic signals along the 2.4 mile stretch of Hardy Street.

The cost to install Phase 1 was $608,252.60 and it included:

  • The cost associated with the TMC: $238,000
  • The installation of a 4" HDPE roll pipe conduit with (3) 1 ¼" interducts with a 48 count single-mode fiber optic cable installed through one of the interducts: $112,500 per mile,
System Cost

System Cost: $608,252.60