A maintenance contract for an AVL system with 265 fleet vehicles was estimated to cost $64,719 (CAN) per year.

Procurement of automatic vehicle location (AVL)systems and services in Markham, Canada

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Summary Information

This report provided the results of a solicitation to replace an outdated AVL system on fleet vehicles in Markham, Canada. The City needed to replace an older system that had limited reporting abilities and was experiencing increased hardware and reliability issues. The new system included the capability to archive more operational data for longer periods of time compared to the older system, and provide instant online access to up to two years of system data, and options to reinstate older data when needed.

The accepted proposal directed a private contractor to deliver the system and provide maintenance support for seven years. The contract was awarded to the highest ranked, lowest priced bidder in the total amount of $565,857. The following bullets highlight cost data from the winning bid.

  • Hardware, software, and labor components for wireless data and voice communication functions totaled $164,058 for the first year.
  • Warranty, support, and maintenance fee components inclusive of hardware and software were estimated at $64,719 per year for four years starting in 2015, with an option to renew for two additional years at $71,461 per year for the total amount of $401,799 for six years with agency approval. Costs per unit were estimated at $244.22 per vehicle for a fleet of 265 vehicles.

The proposed system includes a technology platform fully developed in-house to communicate with vehicles through a vehicle on-board computer, which has been further integrated to communicate with in-vehicle devices such as salt-spreaders, proximity switches, pressure, RFID readers, PTO's, PDA's and more. The solution also includes a back-end service with specialized reports to meet customer requirements.

The system is expected to improve operations during extreme weather events where quick access to information would help map where vehicles and equipment have trouble navigating due to downed trees. In addition the system would improve tacking of vehicles during clean-up processes enabling the City to keep residents informed of progress.

System Cost

AVL system and service contract (265 vehicles for 7 years) = $565,857 (CAN).