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This report was a before and after evaluation of the introduction of an Automated Parking Information System (APIS) near the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Glenmont Metro Station and the Maryland State Highways Administration (SHA) park and ride facility on Norbeck Road in Montgomery County, Maryland. The evaluation was conducted based on car counts and surveys of commuters in order to determine if the APIS message signs had provided helpful information to commuters of parking alternatives when the Glenmont parking structure was full. On typical weekdays, the parking structure reaches capacity before 8:15AM. The APIS was intended to provide commuters with information that would allow them to decide to drive to the next station or to utilize the SHA park and ride facility near the Glenmont station.
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In 2004, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), Maryland began work on a demonstration project to develop and test a system to alert drivers of parking availability in advance of their arrival at the parking garage located at Glenmont transit station of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Having real-time occupancy information in advance of approaching or entering an already fully occupied parking garage at Glenmont, the commuters driving to station have the opportunity to take advantage of available parking spaces at a nearby park-and-ride lot on Norbeck Road with connecting bus service to the transit station. This project showed that it was possible to provide such a system.

In 2010, a report entitled “Automated Parking Information System Operational Test Evaluation WMATA Glenmont Parking Facility” was published providing an evaluation of the effectiveness of the parking information system.
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Automated Parking Information System Operational Test Evaluation for WMATA Glenmont Parking Facility
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