Roadside Information (RS-I)

Note: Equipment list adjusted to 2020 dollars. The date in parentheses under the capital cost value and O&M cost value represents the dollar year from which the cost value was adjusted. All costs are in $K.

Unit Cost Element IDAS# Life (years) Capital Cost $K, 2020 Dollars (Year) O&M Cost $K/year, Dollars (Year) Description
Highway Advisory Radio RS017 20 17.53 - 40.91 (2005) 0.70 - 1.17 (2005)

Capital cost is for a 10-watt HAR. Includes processor, antenna, transmitters, battery back-up, cabinet, rack mounting, lighting, mounts, connectors, cable, and license fee. Super HAR costs can exceed $9K additional. Primary use of the super HAR is to gain a stronger signal.

Roadside Probe Beacon RS020 5 3.45 - 5.51 (2001) 0.34 - 0.55 (2001)

Two-way device (per location).

LED Count-down Signal 10 0.22 - 1.08 (2020)

Costs range from low (two 12x12-inch dual housing unit) to high (16x18-inch single housed unit). Signal indicates time remaining for pedestrian to cross, and a walk or don't walk icon. Count-down signals use low 8-watt LED bulbs, which require replacement approximately every five to seven years.

Highway Advisory Radio Sign 10 3.72 - 6.69 (2005) 0.19 - (2005)

Cost is for a HAR sign with flashing beacons. Includes cost of the controller.

Dynamic Message Sign RS015 10 34.95 - 87.01 (2005) 1.71 - 4.46 (2005)

Low capital cost is for smaller DMS installed along arterial. High capital cost is for full matrix, LED, 3-line, walk-in DMS installed on freeway. Cost does not include installation.

Dynamic Message Sign Tower RS016 20 31.58 - 251.45 (2020)

Low capital cost is for a small structure for arterials. High capital cost is for a larger structure spanning three to four lanes. DMS tower structure requires minimal maintenance.

Wireline to Roadside Message Sign RS013 20 6.41 - 9.62 (1995)
Dynamic Message Sign - Portable 14 1.98 - 17.85 (2019) 0.45 - 1.34 (2005)

Trailer mounted DMS (three-line, 8-inch character display); includes trailer, solar or diesel powered, and equipped with cellular modem for remote communication and control. Operating costs are for labor and replacement parts.

Roadside Message Sign RS010 20 28.48 - 42.72 (1995) 1.42 - 2.14 (1995)

Fixed message board for HOV and HOT lanes.

Variable Speed Display Sign 2.55 - 3.45 (2001)

Low range is for a variable speed limit display system. High range includes static speed sign, speed detector (radar), and display system.

Pedestrian Crossing Illumination System 5 19.60 - 29.93 (2003) 1.89 - 2.89 (2001)

The capital cost range includes cost of equipment and installation. Equipment includes fixtures, four lamps per lane for a three lane crosswalk, controller, pole, and push button activator. Installation is estimated at 150% to 200% of the total equipment cost. Capital cost would be greater if the system included automated activation of the in-pavement lighting system. O&M is approximately 10% of the equipment cost.

Other Unit Cost Elements -

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