Roadside Detection (RS-D)

Note: Equipment list adjusted to 2020 dollars. The date in parentheses under the capital cost value and O&M cost value represents the dollar year from which the cost value was adjusted. All costs are in $K.

Unit Cost Element IDAS# Life (years) Capital Cost $K, 2020 Dollars (Year) O&M Cost $K/year, Dollars (Year) Description
CCTV Video Camera RS007 10 2.31 - 20.00 (2020) 0.29 - 1.68 (2016)

Cost includes color video camera with pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ), cabinet, electrical services, encoder/decoder, and installation.

Passive Accoustic Sensor on Corridor 2.59 - 5.60 (2002) 0.13 - 0.26 (1998)

Cost range is for a single sensor covering up to five lanes. Low cost is for basic sensor, which consists of the sensor, mounting kit, junction box, & cabinet termination card. High cost includes basic sensor with solar and wireless option. This option consists of an antenna, solar charger, battery, & panel, and wireless base station, which will handle up to eight sensors. Capital costs do not include installation or mounting structure.

Environmental Sensing Station (Weather Station) 25 21.57 - 35.70 (2005) 1.38 - 2.91 (2004)

Environmental Sensing Station (ESS), also known as a weather station, consists of pavement temperature sensor, subsurface temperature sensor, precipitation sensor (type & rate), wind sensor (speed & direction), air temperature and humidity sensors, visibility sensors, and remote processing unit (RPU). ESS provide condition data and are basic components of larger Road Weather Information Systems (see RWIS under TMC subsystem). RPU replaced every five years at approximately $6.4K. O&M includes calibration, equipment repairs, and replacement of damaged equipment. O&M costs could be higher if state provided maintenance.

Traffic Camera for Red Light Running Enforcement 51.68 - 93.71 (2001) 41.34 - (2001)

Low capital range is for a 35-mm wet film camera, which includes installation of the camera ($25K) and associated equipment (e.g., pole, loop detectors, cabinet foundation). High capital range is for digital camera, which includes a total of two cameras for a three-lane approach. O&M cost is for one 35-mm wet film camera per year. Note, most jurisdictions contract with a vendor to install and maintain, and process the back office functions of the RLR system. The vendor receives compensation from fines charged to violators.

Inductive Loop Surveillance on Corridor 5 2.07 - 5.51 (2001) 0.30 - 0.45 (2005)

Double set (four loops) with controller, power, etc.

Infrared Sensor Active 2.38 - 5.00 (2013)

Sensors detects movement in two directions and determines vehicle speed, classification, and lane position.

Passive Accoustic Sensor at Intersection 3.45 - 10.34 (2001) 0.14 - 0.28 (2002)

Four sensors, four-leg intersection.

Inductive Loop Surveillance at Intersection 5 6.40 - 11.38 (2005) 0.67 - 1.04 (2005)

Four legs, two lanes per approach.

Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor at Intersection 10 12.80 (2001) 0.07 (2001)

Four sensors, four-leg intersection. Includes installation

Machine Vision Sensor on Corridor 10 15.46 - 20.66 (2003) 0.14 - 0.29 (2003)

One sensor both directions of travel. Does not include installation.

Pedestrian Detection Microwave 0.41 (2001)

Cost is per device. Typical deployment consists of two devices per crosswalk for detection of pedestrian in crosswalk. Can be used for detection of pedestrian at the curbside.

Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor on Corridor 10 5.39 - 9.67 (2019) 0.07 - 0.43 (2005)

One sensor both directions of travel. Includes sensor, transceiver, cabinet, electrical service, and pole.

CCTV Video Camera Tower RS008 20 5.05 - 29.48 (2017)

Low cost is for a 35 ft tower. High cost is for 90 ft tower. Includes foundation, pole, conduit, and labor. Camera lowering unit would be additional. Camera tower requires minimal maintenance.

Portable Traffic Management System 57.00 - 71.26 (2003)

This portable unit collects traffic data, communicates with a central control facility, and displays real time traffic information to travelers. The system includes a trailer mounted dynamic message sign and mast equipped with a PTZ video camera, sensors, and wireless communications. Cost will vary depending on the type and number of traffic sensors installed.

Infrared Sensor Passive 0.49 - 0.84 (2002)

Sensor covers one lane and detects vehicle count, volume, and classification.

Machine Vision Sensor at Intersection 10 4.89 - 18.96 (2013) 0.15 - 0.74 (2005)

Four-way intersection, one camera per approach. Does not include installation.

Pedestrian Detection Infrared 0.21 - 0.35 (2002)

Cost is per device. Does not included installation. Typical deployment consists of two devices per crosswalk for detection of pedestrian at the sidewalk. Can be used for detection of pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Portable Speed Monitoring System 15 3.50 - 10.50 (2002)

Trailer mounted two-digit dynamic message sign, radar gun, computer; powered by generator or operates off of solar power; and requires minimal operations and maintenance work. The system determines a vehicle's speed with the radar gun and displays the current speed, in real-time, and also stores the speeds in a computer for further analysis.

Other Unit Cost Elements -

Summary values under development

Machine Vision Sensor on Corridor with Installation 54.24 - 62.09 (2017)

Cost range is for purchase and does include installation.

Dynamic Message Sign with Installation 39.27 - 145.50 (2020) 4.91 (2018)

Capital costs range is for DMS purchase and does includes installation.