Emergency Vehicle On-Board (EV)

Note: Equipment list adjusted to 2020 dollars. The date in parentheses under the capital cost value and O&M cost value represents the dollar year from which the cost value was adjusted. All costs are in $K.

Unit Cost Element IDAS# Life (years) Capital Cost $K, 2020 Dollars (Year) O&M Cost $K/year, Dollars (Year) Description
Signal Preemption/Priority Emitter - EV 10 0.37 - 1.56 (2005)

Data-encoded emitter; manually initiated. Complement to Roadside Signal Preemption/Priority (see Roadside Control subsystem).

Communications Interface EV001 10 0.35 - 2.32 (2004) 0.02 (1995)

Emergency vehicle communications. Cost is per vehicle.

Other Unit Cost Elements -

Summary values under development