Total System Cost for Maryland's Dual Mode DSRC/C-V2X Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) Pedestrian System, Including One-Year Maintenance, Reported as $84,000 for One Intersection.

Maryland DOT Piloted Connected Vehicle Technologies Using Dual Mode Roadside Unit with DSRC and C-V2X for A Pedestrian Collision Warning System at One Intersection.

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Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) systems are recognized for their ability to facilitate connected vehicle communications as part of the broader connected and automated vehicle ecosystem. The way I2V works is by exchanging information in real-time from infrastructure to the technology that is embedded inside a vehicle. Communication can take place either via (i) Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), which is a radio wave that transmits data directly with a low latency from one point to another, or (ii) Cellular - Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X), which is similar to DSRC, but with most of the technology yet to be widely proven at scale. This study detailed the results from a project that was awarded to the Maryland DOT (MDOT) in 2019 and lasted until December 2021, focusing on testing the dual mode roadside unit (RSU) with DSRC and C-V2X capabilities at a single intersection along MD214 highway in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, for evaluating crosswalk safety. The project used cameras for detection and a private security company credentialing for message exchanges. For cybersecurity, the Security Credential Management System (SCMS) was utilized, which provided the mechanism for V2X devices to exchange information in a trustworthy and privacy protective manner using digital certificates.

For the single intersection selected for the pilot deployment outlined in this study, the total cost breakdown was reported as shown in the table below.

Table 1. Project Cost Breakdown (Rounded)

Item  Cost 
Vendor (RSU, sensors, system + maintenance for 12 months, and install staff time)  $50,000 
MDOT State Highway Administration (SHA) project management and installation staff time  $20,000 
MDOT SHA Engineering Design  $7,500 
MDOT SHA Offices review, approval, and install (mixed staff and consultant support)  $6,500 
Total rounded cost  $84,000  
System Cost

Prototype V2X Dual-Mode Node: $84,000