Investment of 200 Solar Powered Portable Dynamic Message Signs Providing Information on Road Conditions and Special Olympic Route Network Traffic Lanes Cost $1.92 Million for the 2012 London Olympics.

An Australia Traffic Management Company Supplied Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) to Transport for London Authority to Improve Information Dissemination during 2012 London Olympics.

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Dynamic Message Signs (DMSs) are commonly used to communicate specific information to travelers regarding traffic conditions. DMS plays an important role during special events such as the Olympic Games, when traffic demand significantly increases and roadways are severely congested. DMSs are used to proactively inform travelers, enabling them to plan trips beforehand or consider alternate routes to avoid congestion. In preparation for the 2012 London Olympics, the Transport for London (TfL) signed a contract with an Australian company for 200 portable and solar-powered DMSs. These DMSs were utilized to display both directional and security advice to travelers about road conditions during the Olympics, and the management information of the Olympic Game Lane route.

The 200 DMSs incorporated advanced color display technology and web-based programming, facilitating real-time communication with individual DMS or the entire DMS network. TfL invested $1.92 million (USD) dollars in these 200 DMSs.

System Cost

Network of 200 DMSs = $1.92 million (USD)

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