Maryland switches to all electronic tolling on certain bridges and estimates that drivers in the state will collectively save $1.0 million per year in fuel costs.

A newspaper reporter highlights the benefits of all electronic tolling in Maryland.

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Md. to End Cash Option on Bay Bridge, Inching Closer to Statewide Automated Toll System

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Maryland, like most states in the Eastern US, has long had EZ-Pass toll lanes (electronic toll lanes). However, drivers on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore and the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge in North-Eastern Maryland previously had the option to pay cash for their tolls. Now the state is beginning conversion to electronic toll lanes on these bridges. State officials estimate they will complete the conversion by summer of 2020.


  • Officials estimate all-electronic tolling on these bridges will save drivers a collective $1.0 million dollars in fuel.
  • Drivers will collectively spend 44,000 less hours in traffic with the all-electronic toll system.
  • Officials estimate all-electronic tolling will reduce crashes as well. However, quantitative estimates were not provided for these claims.
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