Transitioning to electronic, card-based transit fare collection system costs $41,999,739 for a large transit provider.

Base cost of transition to the EASY Card Payment System for Miami-Dade Transit.

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The objective of this study is to examine industry trends and experiences related to the institutional, technological, data management, customer acceptance, and costs and benefits of regional transit fare programs in the United States. Performed by the National Center for Transit Research at the University of South Florida, the study provides an overview of regional fare programs through the use of case studies and general guidance for transportation decision-makers evaluating the feasibility of introducing regional fare programs, including fare collection and fare policy options, and resources necessary for implementation.


System Costs

Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) introduced the EASY Card Payment System with the intention of significantly improving financial management and revenue generation, fare collection control, operation efficiency, cost effectiveness, and customer convenience. MDT operates approximately 90 fixed bus routes, a 22.6 mi elevated heavy rail system, and a 4.4 mi fully-automated people mover system. The overall costs of the system are detailed in the following table:


Base System
Rail Equipment – Fare Gates and Barriers
Rail Equipment – Vending Equipment
Bus Equipment
AFC Computer Systems
Other Equipment and Services
Other Costs
Fare Media
Total Cost of Base System
Optional Systems
Option 1 – Additional Rail and Bus Equipment and Services
Option 2 – Special Transportation Services Equipment and Services
Option 3 – Parking System Equipment and Services
Option 4 – Extended Warranties
Option 5 – APTA UTFS Part 3 Compliant Devices
Option 6 – Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard Compliance
Total Cost of Options

In addition to the base system, MDT opted for the Parking System Equipment and Services option and plans implementation of Option 2, Special Transportation Services Equipment and Services.

System Cost

Miami-Dade Card-based transit fare collection system - $41,999,739