A GIS based transportation asset management system implemented in St. John's County, Florida increased productivity of maintenance operations by 13.3 percent saving more than $650,000.

A review of transportation asset management and maintenance operations in St. John's County, Florida.

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Best Practices in Geographic Information Systems-Based Transportation Asset Management

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In 2005, the Public Works Department of St. John’s County, Florida, conducted a complete review of its business operations, including asset management practices and maintenance operations. The county discovered that 75 percent of maintenance performed was responsive and only 25 percent was proactive. In response to this finding, the Public Works Department began implementing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) based on GIS (geographic information systems) that would be used for financial and asset management.



With the CMMS system in place, maintenance is currently 80 percent proactive and only 20 percent reactive. The county is able to limit the need for employee overtime and better predict maintenance costs for budgeting purposes. In the first full year of implementation (2006-2007), the system helped increase productivity by more than 13.3 percent, saving the county more than $650,000.