Implementation of a Smart Parking System in Kampala, Uganda Was Estimated to Be $1,585,776.

Study analyzed the public parking environment in Kampala Capital City, Republic of Uganda and evaluated the feasibility of transitioning to smart parking over a five-year period.

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The research undertook a feasibility assessment for a prospective Smart CCTV-based Parking system, anticipated to be a key component of Kampala's five-year plan. Tasks for the first year include master planning and business process re-engineering. The second year's tasks include system development, hardware installation, and the implementation of the Smart Parking system to cover all public on-street parking in Kampala (approximately 5,782 spaces, where a single camera can cover up to 250 spaces). Years three to five are dedicated to system maintenance. The financial outline for this five-year initiative is estimated at $2,632,086. Table 1 shows the estimated cost of the proposed five-year Smart Parking system.


Table 1. The estimated cost of implementing the proposed five-year Smart Parking system

Year Amount (USD) Category
1 $475,431 Consulting (Master Plan)
2 $1,585,776 System Development and Implementation
3-5 $570,879 ($190,293 USD annually) System maintenance cost
Total Amount $2,632,086  


System Cost

Intelligent Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) based parking system: $1,585,776

System Cost Subsystem