An Asset Monitoring System Designed With 65 Sensors To Monitor Seven Assets Had a Projected System Hardware Cost of $100,000.

State Study Assessed the Costs to Implement an Asset Monitoring System to Enhance Bridges, Pavements, Retaining Walls, Signs and Other Assets in the Existing Highway Transportation Infrastructure in Missouri.

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The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is based on a new generation wireless communication technology that allows devices to be connected to objects or elements to communicate with computers and humans via the Internet. IoT has evolved in the asset management industry to allow communication between devices and computers or humans via the Internet, and it is called Industrial IoT (IIoT). The goal of this study was to explore the current status and viability of the IIoT technology for the purpose of asset management of transportation infrastructure along the highway system in the state of Missouri, such as bridges, pavements, retaining walls, signs, etc. The study was conducted in two phases. In Phase 1 the study focused to identify assets that would most benefit from instrumentation and monitoring, to evaluate available IIoT sensors and monitoring devices, communications networks, service application software/platforms for project purpose and to evaluate the viability and value of current technology in monitoring Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) assets. As part of this phase, a survey was administered to State DOTs with questions related to asset management, monitoring and the use of IIoT. In Phase 2 a pilot study on a limited number of structures was implemented to physically evaluate the technology. Specifically, three bridges, two retaining walls and two signs were used for implementation in Phase 2. This summary is the result of Phase 2, which summarizes the cost findings during this period.

  • An IIoT system is made of sensors, gateways, platforms and dashboards. The pilot study included three bridges, two retaining walls and two Interstate overhead signs. This study had initially projected that 65 sensors would be needed and at least one gateway would be needed at each structure asset location. The total number of sensors was 65 at an estimated $1,000 per sensor, reaching a total of $65,000 for sensor hardware.
  • At least one IIoT gateway would be needed at each structure asset location, if they are apart from each other. If the structural assets are close by, they could share one gateway. Each gateway cost was estimated to be $4,000.
  • A secure communication software was used to exchange data from the assets to the storage server and it would cost an additional $4,000.
  • The total estimated cost for hardware for this limited scope of instrumentation would reach about $100,000, only for hardware. The installation and engineering services would be in addition to this amount.
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