NEWBenefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned Map

This feature responds to user requests to visualize the locations of ITS benefits, costs, and lessons learned entries on a map. This fully searchable feature allows you to see where ITS technologies have been successfully deployed and evaluated in your state, city, region, or neighboring community – or even around the world.

This map feature provides:

  • Locations of benefits, costs and lessons learned with a link to the original, publicly available source for the evaluation report.
  • Capability to search by keyword, content type, date posted, technology, goal area, and result type (modeled vs. deployed).
  • Links to the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) Version 9.2 taxonomy type of the benefit, cost or lessons learned.
  • A search filter for connected vehicle technology deployments


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screenshot of pins on a United States map depicting the locations of Benefit, System Cost and Lessons Learned database entries.