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To overcome the challenge of disparate asset data and data/process duplication, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) implemented two new programs to manage their roadway assets. The first program, TransInfo, is a statewide asset management system that provides ODOT asset management staff with the most up-to-date statistics on assets and other features on the State highway system. The second program is the Features, Attributes, and Conditions – Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FACS-STIP) Tool, which is a web-based program that provides information on an asset’s location, attributes, and condition. This tool uses the ArcGIS Server to create maps for assets and can also generate reports in a spreadsheet format. The goal of the two programs is to deploy a statewide inventory for all roadway assets, establish methods for data validation, and make the best use of the integrated data for network screening.

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Report No. FHWA-SA-16-110
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Asset Management in Oregon Roadway Safety Data and Analysis
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