Zhao, X., et al.
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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a mobility system bringing together public and private transportation providers, either with a subscription or a pay-as-you-go format. Users pay to access the system, and in return have greater access to a wide variety of transportation modes and solutions. It is favored to reduce private vehicle usage by encouraging modal shift among its users. 

A recent study by a team of Swedish researchers sought to understand the barriers facing MaaS deployments, including how those barriers were related to and influenced one another. They specifically sought to understand these challenges as relating to Corporate Mobility as a Service (CMaaS), in which a MaaS system is provided by a company to its employees. 

The specific CMaaS system examined in the paper was deployed by a company with approximately 15,000 employees. The services offered included internal taxis, shuttle buses, and e-bikes, as well as commuter buses for travel to and from the city in which the company was located. To assess user reactions, three-wave surveys were conducted: the first wave before the launch, the next 6 months after launch, and the third 12 months after launch. 

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Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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Key barriers in MaaS development and implementation: Lessons learned from testing Corporate MaaS (CMaaS)
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