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Common Complaints from the Transportation Community… •You can’t afford to collect the data you want/need. •Nobody cares about or understands ITS & Ops. •You can’t get data that is of acceptable quality. •You can’t convince the right people help you fix your problem(s). •Etc. etc. etc. (C) Nobody Cares! (or at least very few people care) •Why Nobody Cares: It’s because… –We aren’t properly communicating the importance of the data. –We aren’t showing all the benefits and value of the data. . (often we don’t even understand the true value ourselves!) –We aren’t maximizing the use of the data. An Alternative Solution •Through Visualization & Accessibility –Give EVERYONE a real reason want to collect data & support your programs. –Provide easy, free access to all of the data (or as much as you legally can) to EVERYONE. –Develop interesting, fun, useful applications for the data that make people aware of what you are doing. –Get others hooked on your transportation programs.
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