Retiming of traffic signals in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs, Florida results in a 23 percent annual reduction in travel delays, in addition to fuel savings and emissions benefits.
Retasking of 50 intersections using advanced transportation management system and bluetooth travel-time origin and destination sensor technology.
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Lee County
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Benefits of Florida's traffic signal retiming

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This source summarizes the benefits of a traffic signal retiming effort at 50 intersections in Lee County, Florida. This effort resulted in travel time, fuel, and emissions benefits. Travel data gathered from an integrated ATMS/travel time origin-destination system facilitated this project..


The Lee County (FL) Department of Transportation utilized advanced transportation management system (ATMS) technology to enable the deployment of a TrafficCast BlueTOAD (Bluetooth Travel-time Origin and Destination) sensor array. BlueTOAD technology is designed to detect anonymous Bluetooth signals transmitted from mobile devices with the goal of capturing travel speed and time. Lee County utilized the performance data collected from this integrated system to re-time 50 signalized intersections in the cities of Fort Myers and Bonita Springs.


Lee County observed the following benefits from its signal retiming effort:
  • A 23 percent annual reduction in travel delays, resulting in $15,300,000 in travel time savings.
  • 21,200 liters of fuel saved per day, resulting in $2,000,000 per year in fuel savings.
  • A 19 percent reduction in vehicle emissions, resulting in a $124,000 environmental benefit.

Benefits of Florida's traffic signal retiming

Benefits of Florida's traffic signal retiming
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