The cost of the capital infrastructure of the Cape Cod Advanced Public Transit System—which included radio tower upgrades, local area network upgrades, AVL/MDT units (total of 100), and software upgrades—was $634,582.
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Cape Cod
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The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority's (CCRTA) Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) project applied Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies to fixed-route and paratransit operations in a rural transit setting. The project was implemented in phases. The first two phases were implemented between October 1997 and June 2000. In 2003 the Volpe National Transportation Center published an evaluation report for the project. The following information on capital infrastructure costs was extracted from Table 5.2 of the evaluation report.

Capital Infrastructure Items
Radio towers upgrade
Local area network
AVL/MDT/EFP system*
Software upgrades/evaluation

* Excludes the costs of experimental AVL system installed at a cost of $117,953, which was not ultimately utilized. At the time of evaluation (2003), the electronic fare payment capability was under deployment.

As shown in the table, the cost of the capital infrastructure of the Cape Cod APTS included radio tower upgrades; local area network (LAN) upgrades; an integrated system of automatic vehicle location (AVL), mobile data terminals (MDT); electronic fare payment (EFP); and software upgrades. The total cost was $634,582 for a system of 100 units, which represented a capital cost of approximately $6,346 per bus. Given that the Cape Cod project was an early demonstration project, upgrades to the existing communications system were necessary. Such requirements and associated costs may not be required by other agencies deploying AVL/MDT capabilities.

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