In California, the time saving benefits of electronic toll collection on the Carquinez Bridge saved travelers more than a million dollars per year.
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Carquinez Bridge, Vallejo
United States

Assessing the Benefits and Costs of ITS Projects: Volume 2 An Application to Electronic Toll Collection

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A pilot Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) project was installed and tested by CalTrans on the Carquinez Bridge. This bridge was chosen as the location because capacity at the toll plaza was sufficient to handle peak demands with booths out of service during the ETC demonstration. Historically, traffic on the bridge increased at an average rate of 2 percent each year for several years (129 million vehicle crossings in FY 1992/93 to 140 million in FY 1996/97).

As part of the demonstration project, benefits of installing the ETC system were estimated. Estimates were provided for each fiscal year between 1995/96 and 2005/06.

  • For FY 2000/01 the report estimated a person-time savings of 79,919 hours per year or about $1.07 million (1995).
  • For FY 2000/01, assumed fuel consumption rates were used to project a fuel savings of approximately 55,425 gallons or $60,968 (1995).
  • For FY 2000/01 emissions reductions (CO, NOx, HC) were translated into a cost reduction of $1,998 (1995).
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