Initial deployment of Bluetooth-based travel time measurement budgeted for $238,004

Six Bluetooth readers to be placed along corridor to measure real-time traffic conditions

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There are a number of ITS initiatives in Minnesota in both operation and in development. This document presents an annual report of the Mn/DOT OTST ITS Section’s funded activities for fiscal year July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010. These activities include initiatives led by the ITS Section and initiatives led by other agencies in which the ITS Section played a funded supporting role.

The Bluetooth-based travel time measurement network is on Hennepin County Route 81, with Bluetooth and GPS receivers and communications hardware installed at six signalized intersections. The system estimates travel time along an arterial by reading the MAC addresses of Bluetooth enabled devices in vehicles passing a point on the roadway and matching them with addresses read at six points on the roadway.


The cost of the project is $238,004. The costs include a field survey, developing a concept of operations and functional requirements, system design, implementation and system testing, and system evaluation.

2010 ITS Annual Report

2010 ITS Annual Report
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Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Traffic, Safety and Technology, ITS Section
Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Bluetooth-based travel time measurement project - $238,004.

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