In Columbus, OH, the cost for a three phased demonstration of autonomous public shuttles was estimated at $4 million

Driverless shuttle pilot program in Columbus, OH

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United States

Summary Information

In December 2018, Columbus’ Smart Circuit demonstration will begin offering rides in self-driving electric shuttles in the downtown business district. Smart Columbus, the state's DriveOhio initiative and Ohio State University will study the demonstration to help plan future driverless technology deployments in the state. The shuttles are built and operated by May Mobility Inc., a startup licensing autonomous vehicle technology from the University of Michigan.

The project will be executed over three phrases:

  • In phase one, three shuttles will operate from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily on a 1.5 mile circuit. Each vehicle has an operator educating and assisting passengers, and who can seize control of the vehicle. The vendor plans to supply 10 vehicles and hire about 26 people.
  • In phase two, The Ohio State University will help fund a second route on its campus.
  • In phase three, a mix of public and private funding will go towards a third route at a major employment center.

The cost for all three phases has been estimated at about $4 million.

System Cost

Estimated cost for multiphase autonomous shuttle pilot: $4 million