Ohio DOT installed eight Web cameras, at a cost of $17,000, as a temporary solution to traffic surveillance in work zones.
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Ohio DOT installed web cameras in its I-70 work zone to assist in traffic management. The cost of installation was kept very low due to the use of temporary structures. Although the installations were temporary and would not meet environmental standards for permanent structures, the video images of traffic in the construction areas were beneficial to Ohio DOT. The video images were also ported to the DOT website to provide traveler information. For the I-70 work zone project, eight web cameras were installed at a cost $17,000. The cost of communication was not included.

Best ITS Management Practices and Technologies for Ohio

Best ITS Management Practices and Technologies for Ohio
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Hausser, E. and A. Hurd
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT and the Ohio DOT

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System Cost

Cost: $17,000 for eight cameras.