Weather Information Integration into Transportation Management Center estimated at $314,500, with $49,500 in annual maintenance costs.

Estimates from Louisiana TMC Weather Integration Plan

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In 2009, The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) Traffic Management Center Operations Staff was selected by the Road Weather Management Program (RWMP) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to conduct a self-evaluation study and develop a weather integration plan. The plan estimated that the total cost to integrate weather information strategies would cost $314,500 the first year and cost about $49,500 annually to maintain the system.

The table below lists the anticipated costs of the integration strategies from the plan.

Integration Item Initial Cost Maintenance Cost per year
Use of Internal Weather Information Resources (furnish, install, integrate 2 RWIS stations @ $25,000)
Use of External Weather Information System
Availability of Weather Information (upgrade communication between TMC staff and Motor Assistance Patrol operators)
Frequency of Weather Forecasts (subscriptions to private services
Frequency of Weather/Road Weather Observations (cost estimate to develop Memo of Understanding among TMC staff, Motor Assistance Patrol operators and State Police.
Weather Information Coordination (additional labor cost for weather coordinator)
Extent of Coverage (additional pilot sites: 10 RWIS stations @ $25,000 each)
Interaction with Meteorologists (cost estimate to develop Memo of Understanding between TMC and meteorologists)
Alert Notification
Decision Support

Weather Information Integration in Transportation Management Center (TMC) Operations

Weather Information Integration in Transportation Management Center (TMC) Operations
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Cluett, Chris et. al.
U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

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System Cost

Estimated Total Weather Integration costs - $314,500 Annual maintenance costs - $45,900

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