At the Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) airport, 81 percent of surveyed travelers agreed that the advanced parking management system made parking easier compared to other airports.
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BWI Airport
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Advanced Parking Management Systems: A Cross-Cutting Study - Taking the Stress Out of Parking

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Advanced parking management systems (APMS) maintain real-time parking space inventories across a set of participating facilities, offering a wide range of applications, from pre-trip web-based information systems, to navigation systems that provide turn-by-turn directions to the parking space. This cross-cutting parking management study helps those considering APMS to benefit from the experience of others in their planning, design, operation, and management. This study examines advanced parking management systems in airports, central business districts, and transit park-and-ride locations. The systems observed in this study provided directional and space availability information to travelers as they proceed to the parking facility.

The findings presented in the study are from APMS literature and visits to project sites. Interviews were conducted with planners, deployers, and operators to obtain insights into the benefits observed and surveys of travelers were conducted to obtain customer satisfaction benefits.


In Maryland, a parking guidance system was implemented at the Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) airport that directed travelers to individual available parking spaces. In October 2003, a customer satisfaction survey indicated that 81 percent of the BWI travelers surveyed thought that parking was easier at BWI compared to other airports they frequent and 68 percent agreed that parking was faster.
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