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The report entitled “511 Deployment Costs: A Case Study” summarizes implementation of nine 511 systems: the statewide services in Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington; and three regional/metropolitan services in Florida—Central Florida (Orlando region), the Tampa Bay region, and Southeast Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and surrounding counties).

The 511 Deployment Coalition undertook the case study to provide decision-makers and planners information about the costs of 511 based on the experience of current 511 deployers. The sites vary widely in their attributes and the business model adopted for deployment, and thus, they provide a picture of the range of deployments that can be encountered. In 2005-2006, overall costs were collected for the nine 511 systems according to their planning and design phase, implementation phase, and first year of ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) phase. An analysis of cost information from the 511 sites offers valuable insights on the need for investment in the marketing of 511 traveler information systems.
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511 Deployment Costs: A Case Study
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