The initial capital costs for software development and systems integration at the Chicago TMC were estimated at $4 million.

Initial Capital Cost at a Chicago TMC

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The Chicago traffic management center (TMC) was designed to improve mobility along City streets by coordinating the management and operations of multiple agencies during special events, incidents, and emergencies. Operations included control of City traffic signals, dispatch of transportation service units, and dissemination of traffic information via highway advisory radio, dynamic message signs, and an Internet Web site.

Innovative project management practices were used to schedule, build, and implement the project on time and within budget. In line with the Chicago DOT's preferred System Manger procurement approach, the systems work was completed in concert with the facility work to assure systems would be operational at the time building construction was completed. The deployment plans detailed construction of a two-story structure (140 ft x 140 ft) having a central control room with a high ceiling and video wall. Offices and computer rooms designed to support TMC stakeholders and operators were on the perimeter.

The deployment was a collaborative effort between the following entities:

  • Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation
  • Chicago Police Department (Traffic Section)
  • Chicago Transit Authority (Transit Coordination)
  • Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (Incident Management)
  • Illinois Department of Transportation (Expressway Coordination)
  • Shadow Traffic (Traveler Information)

The capital costs of the facility (physical components) were estimated at $10 million. These costs included the interior build out, communications, systems equipment, furnishings, architectural/engineering fees, construction engineering & inspection, and implementation support fees. Costs for software development and systems integration were estimated at $4 million.

The table below, excerpted from the source report, details the projected costs (2002).

Estimated Costs
Interior Build-out
$2.371 million
$1.752 million
Systems Equipment
$2.196 million
$0.237 million
Software Dev/ Systems Integration
$4.043 million
Eng/Arch Design Fees
(Funding Committed in FY 2003 CMAQ Program)
$1.484 million
Construction, Engineering and Inspection (CE&I)
$0.954 million
Implementation Support
$0.954 million
System Cost

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