A Minnesota integrated communications system project to share application of ITS across transportation, public safety, and transit agencies cost just over $1.5 million.

From the Rural ITS Toolbox report: Subsection 8.1 Integrated Communication Systems

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The purpose of the Advanced Rural Transportation Information and Coordination (ARTIC) project in Minnesota was to share application of ITS across various public agencies such as transportation, public safety, and transit utilizing a central communications and dispatching center. AVL/GPS equipment was installed on fleet vehicles for ease of location, identification, and dispatching. Mobile data terminals (MDTs) were also installed allowing for data transmission between the vehicles and the dispatch center. AVL and MDTs were installed on 15 Mn/DOT vehicles, 4 Minnesota State Police (MSP) vehicles, and 15 transit buses. To demonstrate the capability of transmitting data from fleet vehicles to the center, an interface was developed between the MDTs and the sand spreader control on the snow plows.

The total project cost was $1.574 million. Funding for the project came from three primary sources: federal ($903,000), state ($622,000), and other partners ($49,000).

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